Voices of Motherhood: Taking a risk

I have been wanting to start a series of articles about motherhood; The joys, the struggles, the coping skills, why we decide to stay home, go back to work etc… Each of our stories are unique, but we can often find commonalities within the stories. We can gain inspiration and strength from hearing and sharing the stories…

My first post is written by my friend Ana. She chose to highlight her thoughts and feelings on starting her own business while staying at home with her children.


I love being a mom. It’s literally the most fulfilling thing I do. To encourage little people to grow, think and be their own person, there is nothing I can think of more fulfilling (to me). But I also love being a small business owner. Being able to contribute financially to our family continually challenges me in ways I didn’t think of ever.

A little backstory, when I quit my job and became a stay at home mom in 2012 while awaiting the birth of our son I was incredibly discouraged. The thought of staying home and doing nothing (I know moms, I know.) was depressing. Fast forward a couple years to when I tried doing one of the multilevel marketing companies, you know those people that sell you oils, beauty products, household cleaning products and the like. I quickly realized it wasn’t for me, so it didn’t last very long at all. I sat another couple years, thought, prayed and finally in May 2016 I opened my business, Oh Stay Calm Naturals. I figured I’d been making some of our family’s body care products for a few years now, why not try to sell them? See if anyone else would appreciate or enjoy them like we did. It worked! Within a month a local store asked to carry my products! I was shocked and delighted all at once.

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a success by any means right now. But I do hope I can continue staying home with my children, contributing to our family and maybe grow this little business of mine into something a lot bigger. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned since 2012 and staying home is never to give up on your dreams. For years, I prayed about an opportunity without realizing I could make my own opportunity. Opportunity sat in my kitchen, I just had to put the ingredients together, pour it in a deodorant tube, slap a label and present it.

Doing something just to do it isn’t fulfilling. But doing something you are passionate about is. The biggest piece of advice I could give a stay at home mom stuck in the same rut I was, is to try. If you fail let yourself mourn the failure, but don’t let yourself get buried under it. Use it as a hill to jump off onto the towering mountain waiting for you to climb and place that beautiful flag on at the top. Buying into the multilevel marketing company was only one of my failures. I have several, but I’m okay with all of them. Today I get to teach my children how I didn’t stop trying. I thought about giving up my own thing for a typical job, but I knew for their sake it wasn’t the best choice. I want to show them how I could put them first to stay home with them while running a successful business. I applaud every mom who can feel fulfilled with staying home, truly. But I know there are more of me out there who want to contribute and not leave their kids side. If I can be a small business owner, so can you.



Here is a link to the Oh Stay Calm Naturals Facebook page and website for those that are interested in checking out her natural beauty products.



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