Vegan Date Chocolate Chip Cookies


I love dates. They are delicious, sweet and nutritious. They are packed with potassium. In baking, they can frequently replace or at least reduce the amount of sugar you use. They are easy to find in most grocery stores–sometimes even in the bulk section (if you are lucky to have a grocery story with a bulk section). I’ve used them in protein balls, bars, cakes, and now in these scrumptious vegan date chocolate chip cookies. Click to continue reading

Citrus Cake


This cake is packed with flavor. The delicious citrus zest and juice makes this cake refreshing and something people will request time and time again. I’ve made this cake for parties, baby showers, and holidays…this recipe is great to have up your baking sleeve. Notice anything about this recipe? It’s my Versatile Vanilla Cake with a citrus twist. Create a lovely lemon or outrageous orange cake by adding the juice and citrus of the fruit of your choosing.

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Versatile Vanilla Cake and Frosting


This delicious cake is moist and flavorful. The best part is that this cake can be flavored anyway you choose. Keep it basic and follow this exact recipe for a fantastic vanilla cake. Add citrus (citrus cake recipe Here) coconut or spices and create an entirely different cake from this one recipe. Because this cake can be flavored to your choosing I call this my “base cake.” click here to continue reading