Toddler Christmas Tree

img_7947Our family will be putting up our Christmas Tree next weekend. I have a wild rambunctious 20 month old and a VERY strong willed three year old. The tree is going to be so fun for them this year. It may also get pushed over, yanked on, climbed on….I’m a bit nervous to say the least. I was browsing Facebook several months ago and saw that someone made their kids a felt Christmas Tree that could be decorated by the children. I stored that idea away in my head and decided to bust it out this weekend. I’m hoping that if the kids have their own tree, they MAY be less destructive of the big tree. Here’s hoping! Either way, they will love playing with their own tree.

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Toddler Capes


My littles have been requesting that I put blankets around their necks while they run around the house…they wanted CAPES. This has gone on for a few weeks, but the blanket capes have caused problems. They don’t stay on, if I fasten them too tight the kids want them off, they are too long, too short, don’t look like “Super Grover 2.0’s”…the list of toddler grievances go on and on.

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Quiet Book


I always bring a bag full of snacks and small quiet toys for my kids to play with during church. Sometimes we barely get through the hour without a tantrum or a break dancing session in the aisle. And sometimes we don’t make it through at all… I know they are very small, so my only goals are for them to not scream and try to stay in our general area in the pew…those are really the only requirements. In order for this to happen I need all the help I can get. click to continue reading