Voices of Motherhood: Taking a risk

I have been wanting to start a series of articles about motherhood; The joys, the struggles, the coping skills, why we decide to stay home, go back to work etc… Each of our stories are unique, but we can often find commonalities within the stories. We can gain inspiration and strength from hearing and sharing the stories…

My first post is written by my friend Ana. She chose to highlight her thoughts and feelings on starting her own business while staying at home with her children.


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Cloth Diapering 101


Cloth Diapering 101

I’ve been cloth diapering my two children for a combined four years. My initial motivation for choosing to cloth diaper were environmental and financial. The idea of saving thousands of dollars per child by using cloth was appealing, and I loved that I wouldn’t be filling my trash can with disposable diapers every week. After using cloth diapers for several months, I learned there were other perks. They were also really easy to use and super cute. I made a handout for my friends that were entertaining the idea of using cloth diapers and now it’s here for you to use too. Here is a handy, condensed resource for your cloths diaper questions and curiosities.

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