Voices of Motherhood: Daughters

The first thing I hear when I wake up many mornings is the groggy voice of my three-year-old daughter (who yes, sleeps with us . . . I’m not apologizing, just clarifying) asking “Can I watch the iPad today?” If I say “yes” then I’m a bad mom, and if I say “no” then I’m a bad mom. Long before I’m ready to get out of bed, I hear the baby crying. As soon as I stand up I realize I have to pee so I figure I better take care of that first because once I get the baby she’ll need a diaper change, bottle, breakfast, the dog will need to be fed, the three year old (who will probably be watching the iPad by then) will want a snack (heaven help me if I refer to it as breakfast – no. It’s a SNACK) and by then it’ll be too late so I guiltily use the bathroom before fetching the crying baby. Did you know that some women get up before their children wake them up? I’m not kidding. I have a friend who gets up, showers, and gets ready for the day BEFORE her kids even wake up! Whhhaaaat?! Anyway, when I stumble out of bed, my three year old will cry and lose it if I do not give her a piggyback ride TO the bathroom, then she has to sit ON my lap while I pee. I cannot make this stuff up.

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Voices of Motherhood: The Me My Kids Turned Me Into

I like the “me” that being a mom has turned me into. This statement comes with plenty of exceptions but the over-arcing feeling I get when I think about the woman I am now versus the woman I was before kids is pride. This is personal. This is not a how-to article. This is just where I’ve ended up today…for tomorrow we will be covered in macaroni and cheese sauce and I’ll feel stupid for saying any of this.

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Voices of Motherhood: Taking a risk

I have been wanting to start a series of articles about motherhood; The joys, the struggles, the coping skills, why we decide to stay home, go back to work etc… Each of our stories are unique, but we can often find commonalities within the stories. We can gain inspiration and strength from hearing and sharing the stories…

My first post is written by my friend Ana. She chose to highlight her thoughts and feelings on starting her own business while staying at home with her children.


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A Simple Kind of Childhood

delicateThe other day I was asked what kind of fun and crazy things I did this summer with my kids. I had to think about it…I didn’t really have much of an exciting answer.  Summer is no different than any other time of year for me and my children–SLOW and SIMPLE. Because I’m a stay at home mom of two very young kids, summer’s are full of playing outside with the hose, digging in the garden, building forts…all while I try to sit for a moment and finish a lukewarm cup of coffee. I have sacrificed my career and sometimes my sanity to make my children’s little world’s slow and simple. I’m trying to create an atmosphere of simplicity for my children so that they may learn to be happy and easily amused at the little things in life.

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“Pin-Spired” Play Kitchen

“Pin-Spired” Play Kitchen – Guest Post by Layne Watkins

I, like many moms with a Pinterest account, was itching for the opportunity to put together a play kitchen for our daughter (hopefully something our son will also enjoy when he gets a little older). Here are some of the images and tutorials I saved for inspiration:

play-kitchen-source-one(Source: http://www.southernrevivals.com/2014/02/vintage-entertainment-center-turned.html)

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Postpartum Honesty

I have been teaching a postpartum preparation class at a local birth center for several months now. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and presenting on this topic. So many new mothers go into the “The 4th Trimester” with a level of unawareness. They have no idea what to expect physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. “Dr. Google” can be a great tool, but it’s usually something we are utilizing at 3 am, confused, desperate and not sure what to believe. click to continue reading

Cloth Diapering 101


Cloth Diapering 101

I’ve been cloth diapering my two children for a combined four years. My initial motivation for choosing to cloth diaper were environmental and financial. The idea of saving thousands of dollars per child by using cloth was appealing, and I loved that I wouldn’t be filling my trash can with disposable diapers every week. After using cloth diapers for several months, I learned there were other perks. They were also really easy to use and super cute. I made a handout for my friends that were entertaining the idea of using cloth diapers and now it’s here for you to use too. Here is a handy, condensed resource for your cloths diaper questions and curiosities.

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