Voices of Motherhood: Taking a risk

I have been wanting to start a series of articles about motherhood; The joys, the struggles, the coping skills, why we decide to stay home, go back to work etc… Each of our stories are unique, but we can often find commonalities within the stories. We can gain inspiration and strength from hearing and sharing the stories…

My first post is written by my friend Ana. She chose to highlight her thoughts and feelings on starting her own business while staying at home with her children.


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Shoes on the Right Feet

Quick tip for getting your toddler’s sandals on the right feet.

My toddler struggles to get her shoes on the right feet, and for some reason this seasons sandals are bringing about a big struggle and a whole lot of “threenager” rage. I have tried being patient but I’ve been failing miserably. So I decided to get creative. A few weeks back I drew little hearts with a black Sharpie on the soul of her sandals where her big toes go….and VOILA! No more issues! She is now able to put her sandals on the right feet and aims her big toes for the hearts. To hear her say with such confidence that “my big toes are on the hearts Mom” warms my heart.IMG_6247

What to Expect During Postpartum Recovery

This is a list of physical, emotional, mental and sexual changes and challenges a new mother might face. As I tell the women that take my postpartum preparation class:

  • You may not experience everything on this list.
  • You will not experience this all at once.
  • There is help and support if something becomes too challenging for you to deal with.
  • You have a beautiful new baby to make most of these unpleasant transitions easily bearable.
  • Pregnancy has its ups and downs and so does the “4th trimester”

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Postpartum Honesty

I have been teaching a postpartum preparation class at a local birth center for several months now. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and presenting on this topic. So many new mothers go into the “The 4th Trimester” with a level of unawareness. They have no idea what to expect physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually. “Dr. Google” can be a great tool, but it’s usually something we are utilizing at 3 am, confused, desperate and not sure what to believe. click to continue reading