Toddler Christmas Tree

img_7947Our family will be putting up our Christmas Tree next weekend. I have a wild rambunctious 20 month old and a VERY strong willed three year old. The tree is going to be so fun for them this year. It may also get pushed over, yanked on, climbed on….I’m a bit nervous to say the least. I was browsing Facebook several months ago and saw that someone made their kids a felt Christmas Tree that could be decorated by the children. I stored that idea away in my head and decided to bust it out this weekend. I’m hoping that if the kids have their own tree, they MAY be less destructive of the big tree. Here’s hoping! Either way, they will love playing with their own tree.

There aren’t too many steps or tricks to this fun X-mas craft. This was also a really cheap craft as well (yeah!) So, if you are on a budget, and have very little free time, this is a great craft to tackle.

-Felt for the xmas tree
-Felt for the ornaments
-Felt for the gift boxes

-Glue (hot glue or tacky glue)
-A stencil to make circles (I used a lid)

The Tree–I found a larger piece of dark green felt to make the Christmas Tree. It was in a package vs. the individual pieces of felt that you can find at the craft store. I folded the large piece in half and traced the shape of a tree. After cutting it out, I used the left over prices of felt to add more branches and extend the tree. I wanted it to look full and be as realistic as possible (it’s hard to see the layers in the picture). After the tree was completed I glued the layers down. I also made a brown stump.


The Ornaments--I used a lid to trace circles on various pieces of felt. Some of my felt used for the ornaments was “stiffened felt” (previously did not know this was a thing) and some was normal. I think the stiffened felt is really great for ornaments. It makes them a bit sturdier. Once I traced the circles, I cut them out and decorate them.


Garland Velcro–I glued thin strips of velcro on to the tree giving the illusion of garland. This gives the kids some freedom to place ornaments throughout the tree in different ways. I placed the hook (scratchy) side of the velcro on to the tree, and the loop (soft) side of the velcro on to the ornaments. This prevents the tree from getting torn up. The scratchy part of the velcro catches easily on felt and its best used as the garland.


Packages–I used left over felt to make two packages under the tree. I thought it would be cute and I made them into pockets to store the ornaments in.


This adorable tree will be placed on a wall easily accessed by my little munchkins. It’s a surprise, and it is not being revealed until we put up the big tree. I am hoping to add some action shots of it being played with soon. If this tree holds up ( I don’t see why it wouldn’t) this will be a fun thing to bring out for the next few years during the holidays.img_7947



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