Voices of Motherhood: Merging Passions

I love to read. It has been my passion my entire life. This is how I introduced my daughter to reading.

I was 21 when my daughter was born. At 21 I was egocentric and felt that the world should revolve around my navel. I was not sure what I would do with a baby and to make matters worse, I chose, because it was expected of me, to be a stay at home mom. Okay so everyone knows a baby consumes most of a mother’s day and mine was not any different. My reading time dwindled.

I knew I needed to read to my daughter to encourage the proper development, so that is what I did. When she ate, when I rocked her, when we played together on the floor, basically anytime we were alone together, I read to her. The books I read were not the Dr. Seuss variety. My daughter listened and learned about World War II from Herman Wouk, she listened and learned about the Jewish immigration issue in Palestine from Leon Uris, and she listened and hopefully did not learn about sex and relationships from Jacqueline Suzanne. It does not matter what a mother reads only the warmth of her body and the sound of her voice, in other words, the cuddling. My daughter loved reading then and still loves it today.

Thank you Pat for contributing to the series Voices of Motherhood!

Pat is a retired high school English teacher, a mother, a grandmother, and still an avid reader.

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